Culturing Entomophthora muscae Berkeley

Interested in cultivating your own zombie flies? Anyone can do it with persistence and the right tools.

Culturing E. muscae Berkeley in the lab:

Culturing E. muscae Berkeley at home:

PDF: Maintaining E. muscae in vivo culture in a private residence

Isolation of high molecular weight genomic DNA from E. muscae

Drosophila histology

I used this paraffin-embedding and microtomy protocol to localize E. muscae Berkeley cells in infected flies:

Easy method to sort Drosophila pupae

This transparency hack from Dave Zucker and Tom Alisch makes it easy to sort pupae.

Drosophila CO2 anesthesia via SodaStream

In working with flies in my apartment, I’ve found it helpful to knock them out with CO2 using a SodaStream before transferring them to a chilled aluminum block for sorting.

PDF: Home anesthesia setup components

Catching wild Drosophila and E. muscae

I suspect that you can find E. muscae in any temperate environment where host flies are present. This protocol can serve as a good starting point for catching wild fruit flies and, hopefully, E. muscae, in your own backyard.

PDF: Collecting E. muscae-infected fruit flies